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How about shedding a little light on the subject with one of these gorgeous lamps?
Lava LampPossibly the greatest item of kitsch to be found in the market place, Lava Lamps date back to the late sixties where they provided hours of entertainment for the populace. Moving light brings us back to the our earliest instincts where early man would sit in front of a roaring campfire. Lava Lamps bring this movement into our homes.
For the slighly more risque purchase, you can't get much raunchier than the "porno-lamp". Simple in construction with a lot of images, this lamp is far better value than any similar magazine! (Please note: images have been edited to keep World Of Kitsch clean) Thanks to Jenny for finding this one in Camden market, London.
XXX rated Lamp - Explicit images removed
For your voyeristic side, how about this fabulous Marilyn Monroe lamp? Mixing with the rich and famous, what piece of kitsch could compliment your living room set better?
Marilyn Monroe lamp
Ride on cowboy! After a hectic day on the ranch rustling cows, come home and relax with this pair of tasteful cowboy boot lamps complete with hand-painted shades.
Cowboy Boots Lamp
However, no home is complete without a set of these delightful, seventies styled amber bead lamps!
Amber Bead Lamp

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