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For those techies among you, here are a list of software and websites which have been extremely useful in handcrafting World of Kitsch. Plus, some technical specifications for the site.
  • The site was hand-coded in notepad with certain scripts carefully selected from CGI-Spy and The Javascript Source.

  • Other pieces of software which were extremely valuable, were JASC Paintshop Pro 6, Macromedia Fireworks, a little program called Channel Maker for creating the Active Desktop Channel, and finally Cute FTP for uploading. Homesite 4 has been used for link checking and for changing pieces of code across the entire site, while I experimented with the Argo Group WAP tool, to make the site accessible on mobile telephones - although as yet to no avail! More recently, I have also been experimenting with Macromedia Shockwave Flash to get the music section working properly!

  • Many, many thanks to Ball In A Box Javascript who without we would be unable to offer you a site search engine.

  • World of Kitsch is designed to work at any screen resolution above 640x480 pixels, using Internet Explorer 3+, Netscape 4+ and Opera. Pages will, however, still display properly in most earlier versions. World of kitsch has not been tested in any other alternative browsers. If you are using another browser and have any comments please contact us.

  • World of Kitsch is working towards a site which is accessible to all. If you have any comments, please contact us. Or read our accessibility policy.

  • If you have any other queries about site design, we would be more than happy to answer your questions. Email us or use our simple contact form.

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