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*A Guide To Kitsch: Part 1

A Definition

Porcelain figures of white boy and black girl praying

Pray silence please, for our guide to kitsch...
The following three pages will take you on a very brief tour of the World of Kitsch wonders which await you as you explore the fabulously tacky excesses and desirably hideous objects, music, tv and celebrity in this outlandishly kitsch tribute to all things tack!
Kitsch or kitch is originaly from the German word meaning 'trash' although more recently has been used as a word to describe objects of poor taste and usually poor quality.
The world is littered with fine examples of kitsch such as the praying porcelain children at the top of this article or our faithful porcelain friend (pictured below right). Kitsch items can be found throughout history and are certainly not limited to the past century.
Several definitions have been offered to describe kitsch:
China Dog - click to enlarge in new window

A fine example of kitsch. Click image to enlarge in new window.

1. kitsch kich, n. trash: work in any of the arts that is pretentious and inferior or in bad taste. --adj. kitsch'y. --adv. kitsch'ly. [Ger] Definition from Chambers dictionary
2. kitsch kich noun. trash; art, literature, fashion, etc dismissed as being of merely popular taste or appeal, vulgar, sentimental or sometimes pretentious. Also adjective. kitsch'ily adverb. kitsch'y adjective. [German] Definition from Larousse plc.
Nativity scene - click to enlarge in new window

Away in a manger... Click image to enlarge in new window.

3. kitsch In the arts, anything that claims to have an aesthetic purpose but is tawdry and tasteless. It usually applies to cheap sentimental works produced for the mass market, such as those found in souvenir shops and chain stores, but it is also used for any art that is considered in bad taste. Definition from Helicon Publishing Ltd.
4. kitsch Derived from the German verkitschen etwas, kitsch means to 'knock something off'. Today it is synonymous with objects of bad taste that are so bad they're good in an ironic way. In the fifties and sixties kitsch was - and still is - highly collectable. Kitsch can be anything from flying ducks to Tretchikoff paintings and Elvis toilet roll holders. Definition from BBC News Online.


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World of Kitsch looks at the broader picture, bringing you examples of the most desireable, yet hideous kitsch including music, celebrities, film and more traditional items of kitsch, plus much more!
So how did the desire to collect kitsch arise? Why are people drawn to its charms? Find out in Part 2 of our guide.

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